Unique.  One of a kind.  Original.

Emily Ingram creates original pieces of art on a variety of animal skulls.  Hours upon hours are spent on each piece.  She uses a variety of materials to adorn the skulls, ranging from tiny glass seed beads to large chunks of turquoise and other semi precious stones.  The finished skull makes a bold statement in any room and makes an excellent gift for someone that has everything.  Custom, commissioned pieces are welcome.  You can provide your own skull in remembrance of a special animal or Emily can find a skull for you.

"Eagle Feathers" Bison Skull

"Rafter B-Bar Ranch" Longhorn Skull

"Blue on Black" Longhorn Skull

"Turquoise Runnin' Thru My Veins" Bison Skull

"The Swirl" Cow Skull

"Copper Royale" Cow Skull

"La Crocodilia" Longhorn Cross Bucking Bull Skull

"Chopper" Cow Skull

"Rockin SK" Imitation Longhorn Skull

"The Amethyst Knight" Bucking Bull Skull

"Fleur de lis" Imitation Longhorn Skull

"Power of Python" Longhorn Skull

"Adobe Python" Roping Steer Skull

"Turquoise Faith" Longhorn Skull

"Spirit Phoenix" Roping Steer Skull

"Simply Santa Fe" Roping Steer Skull

Please check out "Wrong Side of the Tracks Western Art" on Facebook for skulls available to purchase.