Welcome to SalEm Texas Longhorns
SalEm Texas Longhorns began in 2012 when Sal Farina and Emily Ingram joined forces in a partnership.  We have acquired a respectable group of animals that suit our program.
Our primary focus is to build a herd of superior Miniature Texas Longhorn cattle.  But our latest venture involves raising a small herd of standard sized Longhorn cattle.  We are excited to have both ends of the size spectrum. 
"Why miniature longhorns?" is a question asked by many.  Longhorns are easy to take care of... and miniatures are the ideal size for small ranches and farms typical of Florida.  Texas Longhorns can withstand extreme temperatures and conditions.  They are also known for their ease of birthing and resistance to typical health problems.  Texas Longhorns are perfect for the "weekend" cattle rancher.
If you are in the Central FL area, we invite you to stop by and visit our ranch!!  We love to show off our cows!

Calves available for purchase may require a non refundable deposit in order to hold them until weaning.  Weaning time can vary depending on the calf but will never be before 3 months old.  Halter breaking is offered as well.